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Samantha Starshine – Birth, Motherhood, Creativity and Consciousness

I am also available for online or in-person (Sunshine Coast) sessions.

I can support you in many areas, from witchy wisdom to wellness, from parenting to launching passion projects, from homeschooling to healing ancestral trauma, from exploring cosmic consciousness to creating community.

I have done it all and more.

Just like in my book series,

It all starts with awareness!

In a session we travel through from micro to macro levels, zooming in and out to find the perspective you most need. We connect with your essence and activate your future self in the present!

Through the use of multiple modalities you will receive insight and movement where it is needed – physical, energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual – and complete a session feeling grounded in your strength with connection to your path and purpose.

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What do you choose to add into your cauldron of creation?

Will you stir it with love, gratitude, tenderness?

Our words are spells and our actions ripple throughout time eternal…


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