Annie Ant’s Awareness: Book #1


Annie Ant’s Awareness: Book #1


The first book for innovative series The Awareness Boosting Collection.

Join classrooms and families around the world sharing these stories to develop emotional intelligence while connecting more deeply with themselves, each other and the environment.

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Join Annie the Ant on her adventure from ANGER to BLISS as she discovers insights about her thoughts and emotions.

Through experience she learns to understand the connection between her thoughts, feelings and actions. A first step to developing social and emotional intelligence while also building individual and family connectedness and resilience.

This story is perfect to read to young children from age 0-7 as the rhythm and rhymes are engaging and fun.

Children age 8-12 will enjoy the challenge of reading this book aloud, and gain a lot from the values and insights it provides.

The Awareness Boosting Collection is a one-of-a-kind ABC series of stories and workbooks that help children connect in awareness with themselves, others, AND the environment. The books incorporate reading with rhythm and rhyme, critical thinking, reflective writing, creative expression activities and stimulating illustrations, while fostering social, emotional and spiritual intelligence.

Dubbed, “Dr Seuss meets Deepak Chopra.” – what an exciting mix for the kids of the future!

Families learn together with topics like awareness, resilience, connection and gratitude to cultivate a life-long love of learning, and so much more!

Also available: Lesson Plans and Companion Workbook

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2 reviews for Annie Ant’s Awareness: Book #1

  1. SamSam

    “I’m so excited that this book exists! It’s so refreshing to find a children’s book that is fun and colourful, and guides us with a beautiful story. Thank you Sam, for helping us to bring more love and compassion into the world through our parenting journeys” Avalon, Feminine Visionary Leader

  2. SamSam

    “As a teacher, this book could form the basis of a series of questions and activities on developing awareness, or a great book to read during fruit break. Parents, use this book to open a discussion on feelings, emotions and strategies and how to process them positively.” Sarah, Primary School Teacher

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