Awareness Boosting Collection Pack #1


Awareness Boosting Collection Pack #1


Welcome to the BEST VALUE collection available.

You get;

  • ONE STORYBOOK – Annie Ant’s Awareness
  • LESSON PLANS – 30+ Pages of resources for activities to boost awareness (children 2 – 12).
  • COMPANION WORKBOOK – Heartfelt Questions and Creative Activities to develop self, social and emotional intelligence for families with children aged 3-13.

Valued at over $66 and on sale now for only $44!

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The Awareness Boosting Collection of stories and workbooks can help children connect in awareness with themselves, others, AND the environment.

The books incorporate reading with rhythm and rhyme, critical thinking, reflective writing, creative expression activities and stimulating illustrations, while fostering social, emotional and spiritual intelligence.

Families learn together with topics like awareness, resilience, connection and gratitude to cultivate a life-long love of learning, and so much more!

For only $44 you get TWO full colour, gorgeous children’s books (one story one workbook) that the whole family will enjoy, PLUS a 30+ page eBook of lesson plans and extra worksheets to use at school or home. 

Lesson Plans:

This eBook pack has lesson plans with activities and ideas for:

  • the early years (birth – 5),
  • Prep/Foundation – year 2
  • and grade 3 – 6.

This is a 30+ page resource for boosting awareness and emotional intelligence for children aged 2 – 12.

Lesson plans correspond to Key Learning Areas in the Australian Curriculum and relevant Early Childhood Education Documents;

Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guide and the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia.

Plus, they’re a whole lot of fun!

Yours to download and print as many times as you like for use in the classroom, at home or on the go!

(Please let other parents / teachers come and download their own though!)



“I’m so excited that this book exists! It’s so refreshing to find a children’s book that is fun and colourful, and guides us with a beautiful story to bring awareness and understanding to how our thoughts affect how we feel, and be empowered with simple ways to come back into our hearts and feel loving and connected. I also love how Samantha has included information and resources to support parents in this journey of raising aware and connected children. Thank you Samantha, for helping us to bring more love and compassion into the world through our parenting journeys. I look forward to this becoming a favourite book in our family.”

Avalon Darnesh Feminine Visionary Leader and Ecstatic Business Midwife.


“I find in education what is missing is students ability to understand and process their emotions, develop strategies to address conflict resolution and become competent in developing resilience. Samantha Starshine has found a heartfelt, engaging way to deliver content that speaks to each students/childs heart. As a teacher, this book could form the basis of a series of questions and activities on developing awareness or a great book to read during fruit break. Parents, use this book to open a discussion on feelings, emotions and strategies and how to process them positively.”

Sarah, Primary School Teacher


This is the single most important concept I personally believe there is when it comes to empowerment and awareness of our emotions. There are endless forms of healing, and ways to express our emotions, and endless advice on how to deal with external circumstances to enhance our wellbeing. But taking responsibility for our thoughts… PARAMOUNT!!!

Jess Skilton, mother of three


‘Thank you, Samantha, for creating this beautiful book! My 8yo loves it and we read it 3 times in a row after it arrived in the mail. The next time he was struggling to hold his big feelings, he ran up to me with the book and asked if we could read it! So bright and colourful and fun to read. The love you have put into it just pours out of the pages!’

Sarah Beazley, conscious mama


This is a beautifully written book that talks about emotions, social interactions and our spiritual side in an accessible way yet with a level of depth that is rarely seen in children’s books. As it is a picture book, I thought it might be a bit “young” for my 9 year old, who is an advanced reader for her age. I bought a copy anyway, as my daughter has autism, and I thought it might be useful to help her develop her social/emotional intelligence. I was delighted to find that she adored the book and so did I. It opened up some great conversations between us and in a recent “book cull” it was once of only two picture books that she decided to keep in her collection. Do yourself a favour and buy a won’t regret it 🙂

– Kath Reed, mum

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