Visionary Imagineer - The Awareness Boosting Collection

Samantha Starshine Bio:

Samantha is an imagineer, a creative visionary who seeks to influence positive change for individuals and communities. As a multidimensional mama on a mission to love life in all its expressions, Samantha works and plays to co-create a beautiful, bountiful and balanced paradise on Earth. She holds a dual degree in Arts and Science with a triple major: Sustainability Science, Sustainable Society and Sociology. Her minors are in Climate Change and Futures Studies. Samantha writes books and courses, mentors women and children and holds regular womens’ circles and collaborative cultural gatherings. 

She is involved in Research and Project Development at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia and her professional practice is in co-creating preferred community futures across the globe.

Samantha is passionate about the nexus between people and planet, using imagination as a super-power to influence reality.

In 2017 she won the Chancellors medal for Academic Excellence and outstanding contribution to communities in Australia and Africa. For adults, she writes on motherhood for cultural change, foresight embodiment and regenerative leadership. She believes that if everyone at least tries to grow their awareness and apply themselves to creating a life they love, the world will be a much better place.

Samantha is available for 1:1 sessions, group workshops, storytelling and consultations.

Qualifications / Training:

2020 – 2021 MITx U.Lab – Leading From the Emerging Future with the Presencing Institute

2020 – 2021 Sacred Feminine Way Mentor Training with Blossoming Woman

2018 – 2019 Self Published Author of The Awareness Boosting Collection

2017 USC Chancellors Medal & Academic Medal for Excellence

2008 – 2017 BA, BSc, Dual Degrees in Arts & Science, USC, Sunshine Coast, UNE, Armidale

2009 Astrophysics & Astronomy Scholarship at ANU, Canberra

By leading from within and shining her own unique light, Samantha inspires others to do the same, collectively shaping consciousness and evolving our current paradigm towards greater peace and prosperity for all.


While being a mother of four, step-mum to two more and active visionary, Samantha has achieved so much over the last decade.

  • Birthed babies at home, in baths by the fire.
  • Worldschooled with her family in village Africa, diverse Asia and exciting Europe. 
  • Completed a double degree in Arts & Science.
  • Graduated university with the highest Academic Award and Chancellors Medal.
  • Self-Published 2 colourful books for conscious children, Annie Ant’s Awareness and The Awareness Workbook (Grab your copy)
  • Co-Authored an Amazon Bestseller, Birth Vol II: Stories of Birth, Renewal and Birthing a New Earth (buy now)
  • Worked in community development, cultural-tourism/healing and university research.
  • Played as futurist, social innovator and creative entrepreneur.
  • Facilitated regular womens’ circles and transformational events for families. 

Womens’ Work (WILD, WISE & WORTHY)

Samantha is a trained ‘Sacred Feminine Way’ mentor who brings the essence of joy and enthusiasm, with profound prophetic insight into infinite potentialities. 

She is often called Super-Mum and also loves to use movement as medicine, grow food in her garden and make magical potions with plants under the full moon.

“I am here to hold safe and sacred space. 

To journey with you as you reawaken your own inner wisdom,

To create the life of your highest aspirations and deepest desires.

My superpowers are imagination, balance and cosmic connection. 

I look forward to sharing these with you as we journey

into shamanic realms and dance between Earth and Stars.”


  • The Birth Blueprint – Shamanic Birth Support.
  • Alchemy Embodyment – Movement and breath-based transformation.
  • Healing Triad – Womb, Heart, Mind Alignment.
  • Empowered Enrealment – Explore what is going on beneath the surface and feel empowered in your reality.
  • Preferred Futures Facilitation – vision your future, align with its Energessence and map out practical next steps.
  • Flower of Life – Blossoming Woman Activations (Trained by Priestess Avalon Darnesh).

These sessions can be online or in-person on the Sunshine Coast Australia.

Once again we find ourselves upon the shores of evolution. The choices are ours, individually and collectively. Do we sink or swim? Fall or fly?

The Future is open. The possibilities are infinite. Let us harness the power of our hands, hearts and minds to live in unified diversity and harmony. As human beings, expressions of creation. And so it is.

Samantha Starshine