Birth Volume II


Birth Volume II


Greetings beautifuls!


I am so honoured to be a featured author in BIRTH volume II and super excited that we got to #1 on Amazon’s bestseller list in USA and Australia and in several categories!! How amazing is that!

About BIRTH the book:

Visionary entrepreneurs are at the forefront of shifting consciousness and birthing a New Earth. From creating the next generation of leaders to being a leader in their own businesses, they create legacies that empower and benefit communities.   


This profoundly touching book will inspire you to create your unique path, cultivate your passions, and shed layers of unwanted thought patterns to live your best life. Through it all, the leaders in these stories weave one powerful thing in common – they did not allow fear or social pressure to stop them from achieving their individual accomplishments.   


Powerhouse leaders all across the world, from Australia and the United States share the many multifaceted journeys of birth with profoundly touching stories of courage and resilience. From rebirthing of self, birthing the next generation of humanity, and birthing a New World, the stories weave together to find common themes of transformation, shifting and surrender to your calling.


So grab a copy and relax with you cuppa as we BIRTH a NEW EARTH together.


Remember, it all starts with awareness <3





Thank you SOOOO much to those of you who supported and bought the kindle version, we love you!

Hardcopies are now available in Australia, hooray!

Order yours above and I will post it to you 🙂


The featured authors for the second compilation of Birth (Volume II) include:

Naomi Beverly, Janet Brent, Hortensia Frelinghuysen, Naveen Light, Andrea Moyah, Trevor Popple, Charlotte Wilson, Jason Schwab, Amanda Smith, Samantha Starshine, Sonja Tsang, Doreen Wilson



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