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Wild, Wise and Worthy Women 

Starseed Sisterhood is a 10 Moons Journey of pathway activations for women who are rising into service for humanity and our beautiful planet Earth!

Calling women who want to connect deeply with themselves and nurture their relationships with nature and the sisterhood.

Deepen your roots into the Earth and raise your vibration to the stars. 

Awaken your passions and purpose to activate your missions upon this planet. 


Nurture your connection to Sacred Sisterhood for sharing, support and accountability. 

* Body – Womb – Heart – Mind – Spirit *

The 5 Dimensions of our being, uniting as one with nature and community.


Are you ready?


Let’s go!

StarSeed Sisterhood is an intimate immersion into the gestation of SELF. 

Together we will grow the part of you connected to the all, an expression of source consciousness becoming aware of itself within your human form. 

Together in a community of women, we will nurture the unique essence of 




Exploring the BIG questions as we come, again and again, into right relationship with ourselves, each other and nature.

Welcome to a 10-month (10 Moons) Journey of pathway activations for women who are rising into service for humanity and our beautiful planet Earth!

With a deep honouring of your body, mind and soul; accountability and compassion from the sisterhood community; masterful dance through karmic resolve; and intentional, multidimensional healing and co-creation, we are the Starseed Sisters manifesting our highest potentials. 

Calling the dreamers, the dancers, the singers, the birth-keepers, the carers of country and kin. Calling the gardeners and the Rainbow Warriors. Calling those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

We are the ones we have been waiting for!

Maybe these energies have been sleeping within you, as you go about your days, doing what needs to be done, waiting for the right time or place.

But the time is now! The world needs your unique magic, your unique light and perspectives. 

It is time to up-level your life.

It is time to shine light upon your shadows 

It is time to embrace your wild feminine spirit and share your gifts with this world! 

By Divine Design

Now is the time

To Awaken our Consciousness

And elevate Collective Energies 

Of life, love, respect and gratitude.

– Samantha Starshine

Maybe you are already connected to your sacred woman within? 

A wild woman or a witch?

Yet you yearn for deeper connection to sisterhood and tribe.

Perhaps you work in the healing arts, teaching, nature-care or community development. You are helping people and changing the world in positive ways every day. But you feel like something is missing, like there is more that needs to change… 

We were not meant to do this alone. 

Awakening after awakening, ascension after ascension, then Earthing these energies into daily actions to raise the frequency of our planet requires a community effort. 

Starseed Sisterhood is the intentional nurturing of this community. 

The love, the light, the strength most needed now, 

Is already planted within your consciousness,

It is within and all around you. 

Just waiting for you to embrace it, 

Like a newborn baby, or an old friend.

Allow our Starseed Sisterhood to nurture and amplify the gift that is YOU, so that you may shine brightly in this world. 

In any moment, the choices taken can change the rest of your life. 


This 10-moon Journey is for women who want to connect deeply with themselves and nurture their relationships with nature and the sisterhood. It is for women who are rising into service for humanity and our planet Earth.

Starseed sisterhood 2022

If you connect with this course, attend the events and commit to the weekly practices you will;

  • Feel fitter, more flexible and in love with your physical body
  • Be aligned with your womb, heart and mind in service to Mother Earth and the Cosmic Community
  • Attune to energy and learn how to shift it in healthy ways
  • Be connected deeply to your core essence, your purpose, and our Starseed Sisterhood
  • Experience expansion in your 5D (and beyond) senses/abilities 

This is a comprehensive course covering many pathways of learning.

Old paradigms and ways of life are crumbling from within, meanwhile our wombs, hearts and minds are pregnant with possibilities. 

It is time to pollinate our passions and raise the vibration of our lives. 

What are you waiting for??

Click here if you would like to book a FREE CALL to answer any questions you have about joining. 

Activating Pathways to Our Highest Potentials!

Samantha Starshine

Course Overview

2022 Starseed Sisterhood Course Launched in a Stone Circle on the Summer Solstice 2021

Early Bird Price available until 11th Feb.

First Sisterhood Family Gathering: Sunday 20.02.2022

Women’s circles, workshops, gatherings once a month, usually on a Saturday/Sunday, some mid-week (all inclusive): 12.03.2022, 02.04.2022, 14.05.2022, other dates TBC.

We complete on 20.11.2022

The numerology and astrology of these dates is specific and powerful.

Pathways of Learning

  • Sisterhood Circles
  • Silence, Observation & Feeling
  • Alchemical Embodyment – Breath, Movement and Dance
  • Ceremony & Connection
  • Energy Medicine 
  • Rites of Passage
  • Womancraft – art, weaving, tool creation, song
  • Shamanic Journey
  • Ancestral Awareness – Healing and Hope 
  • Presencing Practices
  • Foresight & Intuition
  • Online sessions and coursework

You receive a Starseed Sisterhood Certificate upon completion. 

You will finish the course with a whole kit of life-changing tools (physical and metaphysical!); sisterhood connections and magical memories that will last a lifetime. 

Course Delivery 

We blend a perfect balance of progressive theory, effective practices and emerging integration of human-nature knowledge systems. 

As a group we will meet for a Starseed Sisterhood Gathering together on the Sunshine Coast, at least once per month, with multiple extra circles, micro-ceremonies and opportunities to connect both in-person and online throughout the journey. 

Also included is an online Starseed Sisterhood portal where you will receive weekly check-ins and activations,  course material, journal prompts, live classes and a safe space to share and support each other in our sisterhood.  

3 Rites of Passage will take place over the journey as we transition through the three phases of Spiriquence from Social to Ceremonial to Spiritual. 


The Starseed Sisterhood 10 – moon Journey includes:

Access to all course materials, workbooks, meditations, activations.

Weekly online group facilitation.

Sisterhood Circles and Connection Coaching calls.

Monthly women’s gathering of half and whole day events. 

Including food and drinks – healthy, organic whole foods, herbal elixirs and deserts.

All materials including art materials and ceremonial tool creation;

  • Basket / Palm bag
  • Personal Sigil
  • Crystal Wand
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Fire Activation

Three personal Rites of passage as we travel through the Spiriquence realms of Social, Ceremonial and Spiritual.

First time beta-test offering $3200

Early bird price only $2220 (Total for 10 months!)

Payment plans available from $185/month. Apply here.


🌞 Monthly guided walks to spectacular nature locations. Some of these will be children welcome to join us to make it easier for busy mamas and connect the tribe more deeply on a family level. (Valued at $500)

🌞 1 x HeartMath baseline coherence measured with biofeedback device. Did you know that your heart sends more messages to your brain than the other way around?!? Learn about this and more in a free private session using state-of-the-art HeartMath technology. (Valued at $150)

🌞 Weekly exercise routines – strengthening, stretching, balance & aerobic – for a fitter, more flexible bodies. (Valued at $800)

🌞Personalised Natal Chart by professional Astrologer Zita Solymosi from Hungary. With opportunities to explore multiple layers from planetary movements, fixed stars and asteroid goddess dynamics (Valued at $500+).

Meet The Facilitators

Samantha Starshine

Samantha Starshine is a multidimensional mama on a mission to love life in all its expressions and to co-create a beautiful, bountiful paradise on Earth.

By leading from within and shining her own unique light, Samantha inspires others to do the same, collectively shaping consciousness and evolving our current paradigm towards greater peace and prosperity for all.

She holds a dual degree in Arts and Science with a triple major: Sustainability Science, Sustainable Society and Sociology. Her minors are in Climate Change and Futures Studies.

Samantha’s expertise spans many realms from the academic to the astral. She weaves energy, experiences and people together for transformational learning and growth opportunities. 

After travelling the world connecting with diverse cultures, birthing 4 babies into the bath at home, facilitating women’s circles and authoring several books, Samantha is rising in her 33rd year to offer the Starseed Sisterhood.

Qualifications / Training:

2020 – 2021 MITx U.Lab – Leading From the Emerging Future with the Presencing Institute

2020 – 2021 Sacred Feminine Way Mentor Training with Blossoming Woman

2018 – 2019 Self Published Author of The Awareness Boosting Collection

2017 USC Chancellors Medal & Academic Medal for Excellence

2008 – 2017 BA, BSc, Dual Degrees in Arts & Science, USC, Sunshine Coast, UNE, Armidale

2009 Astrophysics & Astronomy Scholarship at ANU, Canberra

Chialara Beclu

Chialara has been supported in her knowing of self as a healer since childhood, continuing to learn, lead and create throughout her life. She is deeply connected to her mission as an Aquarian light way shower, with a deep desire to find balance, truth and wholeness for all beings and our beautiful planet.

Since doing Reiki at ten years old, Chialara has called in many teachers and guides. Continuing to learn about ceremony and space creation, energy manipulation techniques, sound healing and song, visionary art, traditional crafts and primitive skills. She has adventured on spirit quests deep into the desert, with plant medicines both pharmaceutical and psychedelic and loves growing and creating soul nourishing food. 

As a professional tattoo artist, Chialara combines energy medicine, body art and conscious tattooing. She believes in freebirth, conscious parenting and in being a voice for the oppressed.

With a love for creating deep containers where-in all is welcome, Chialara is a bold representation of woman as warrior mother, holding a strong, unflinching connection to the land and waters. She walks in service with Crow, Bear, Peacock and Serpent.

Zita Solymosi

Zita is a professional astrologer from Hungary, living with her children and husband on the Sunshine Coast. She uses evolutionary astrology and the Sabian symbols to assist people to expand rather than determine their reality. In soul-centred practice she supports people to individualise the energies of celestial guidance for themselves, as powerful co-creators with life. 

Learning about personal astrology provides a deeper understanding of SELF through becoming aware of how we are in relation within the universal energies and the influence these have on our experiences. Using the body as a physical tool that we can tune and develop, it is possible to translate body language and sensory experiences through planetary movements in constellations of the stars, and vice versa. In this way we become intimately connected as a unique expression of the whole cosmos. Going through the procession of the Equinoxes from Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, we move through the time of ‘isms’ to building unity together. 

Zita has a wealth of experience working with women’s groups for over 15 years. She shares the Munay-ki Earth Rites originally from the Quechua peoples of the Andes, for planetary protection and healing. These were learned from the direct line of Alberto Villoldo, a Cuban anthropologist and spiritual shaman. 

As part of the Starseed Sisterhood you will receive a personal natal chart with opportunities to explore multiple layers from planetary movements, fixed stars and asteroid goddess dynamics. This is very exciting for personal growth and also for our group connections from Earth to Stellar realms. 

Starseed Council of Elders / Ancestral Guides

Mami – African Grandmother

A direct ancestor of Samantha’s freebirth babies, Mami was a wise woman elder of her community who knew things before they would happen, sometimes decades before! 

She planted seeds of the healing and wisdom arts into her grandson Samoko Jayo Okoth, which he is nurturing/holding and passing on through Spiriquence. 

Vanessa Bytheway, Angel Voice

My name is Vanessa Bytheway, known as Ness, and I would like to introduce you to my world.

Born in Brisbane in the mid 1960’s, I was raised by an English mother who was a professional Actress & Teacher strongly involved with Community Arts, Acting and Voice. My Australian father supported & patronised the Arts in a variety of ways, especially in the early days of Brisbane Repitory Theatre.

I began performing at a young age in Musical Theatre and have loved anything colourful, diverse and expressive ever since. After studying an Associate Diploma in Creative Arts, I moved to Fremantle in Western Australia where I studied Structural Rebalancing Body Work and energy systems including Reiki. As I worked on people’s bodies, I began to incorporate toning & other forms of Sound into my sessions and eventually evolved to work more energetically ‘off’ the body.

During this time I also explored Jungian Dream work, Transpersonal Phsychology & other modalities like Hakomi and Dance & Art Therapy. Most of this was for my own interest & expanded my Consciousness into greater awareness.

Music has always been in my bones and in more recent years my Intuition has moved me strongly towards Improvised Intuitive Sound sessions incorporating Light Language Transmissions both sung and spoken.The Language I call “Soul Speak”, helps me access a clearer, “higher’ form of information & guidance & is a potent tool that supports my Intuitive abilities to attune to one’s Soul Path.

I am passionate about the birthing of the New Earth and know myself to be a Light Worker here to support & reassure people going through transitional energies both emotionally and spiritually. The sounds and songs that come through me can feel incredibly Loving and aid in Activating & Clearing both body and Earth. I call myself a Multi-dimensional Channel and I connect with a diversity of energies and guidance that can vary according to the session and it’s purpose.

I resonate strongly with Shamanism, with honouring the Elemental Nature of all things, the Directions, Animal Wisdom Keepers & Earth Magic. I connect with guidance from many places, Angelic, Galactic, Multicultural, Inner Earth, Dragon & Fairy using my voice & instruments to harmonise and Attune. I have a collection of Crystal Bowls, Koshi Chimes, Medicine drum, Freenote Wing that accompany me.

Ness Bytheway

I also love to track energy & always notice this “sixth sense” whenever I am in group settings. I hold “Finding & Honouring your own Voice “ groups and offer Individual sessions.

I feel deeply honoured, and grateful at this time in my journey to have been asked by my good friend Samantha Starshine, to support her on her next weaving of worlds, “The Starseed Sisterhood, 2022”. I step forward as an emerging Elder, happy to support & share whatever my life experience and Intuitive gifts can offer. I wish her great success.

Much love & Gratitude

Ness xx

Sandy Bell, EarthStar 

Even as a teenager, Sandy had a love for all things spiritual. It took her on a journey of listening and learning. As it was her passion, she got deeper and deeper into spirituality and connecting with spirit. The passing of her Dad at an early age took it to another level for her and she knew it to be her life path. During her 30 years as a healer, Sandy continues to develop her skills, as she always wants the best outcome for her clients.

Sandy has known Samantha and Samoko for over 13 years. Sharing many social, ceremonial and spiritual gatherings together including African Drum and Dance, DNA-Activate, Cultural Workshops, Healing Grids and much more. 


What was your experience of your time today? 

“Held, affirmed, nourished, blessed.”

“Calming and beautiful, I had some major ah-ha moments which were amazing.” 

“I loved being in the energy.”

“Connected, delighted, nourished”

Participants – Visionary Vortex 2021

“Great guidance and women. Always love the food.”

“Grounded authenticity. I always feel like my true self at the Sams’.”

“Peaceful, openhearted connection to land. Listening to others from the heart with spirit/soul/cosmic ears. Allowing my coherence to shine.”

“Affirming how far I’ve come and tickled my potential for a leap of consciousness evolution. Loved the vision quest meditation at the end!”

Do you feel different now compared to when you arrived? How?

“Positive, uplifted, good feeling.”

“I feel in tune. Settled and fulfilled.”

“I came very tired from early morning rising, not enough sleep and some stress. It amazed me how the body movement to music really assists the physical system to relax, energise and realign.”

Participant – Visionary Vortex 2021

“My circle has expanded. Don’t feel as much like crying!”

“Warm and connected.”

“Lighter, connected, more grounded, hopeful.”